Hi Funkatiers WKIZ has now been on the air for 11 years and we are making Steps and strides that are absolutely amazing.

Our team has grown and the listener quota is at it’s best.

We are the only radio that provides none-stop Old School R&B / Soul / Funk /Dance and Disco.

One of out latest programs is Lost in the 80s which is totally Old School. The presenters are all professionals with years of radio and club knowledge and experience.

We all do this job (if you can really call it A JOB?) because we live for the music of life & Soul. Listen to how the team are swimming in the music they love and respect. This station is for “Grown Folks”. We have a completely mobile broadcasting system and if you wish to see live in a club or on stage then check out the “EVENTS” icon.

The CVs for the team can also be seen here and most of the stories are fascinating to say the least. You will never see or hear a team like this with so much for the music putting energy and talent into every show they do.

On behalf of the whole team and those that assist us behind the scenes that are never visible to you I would like to say – enjoy and relive the music that you normally never hear on run-of-the-mill radios.


Kelly $tuart

Owner / operator

WKIZ Kizz Radio